Ranksort descending Name Research Interests Specialization
Instructor Acevedo, Jaime A.
Interfacing economic discourses on development economics, political economy and environmental economics 
with theological discourses on Church social teaching, social theology and liberation spirituality
Instructor Badion, Justin Joseph G.

Religious Education, Liberation Theology, Theological Anthropology

Instructor Bolano, John Paul A.

Liberation Theology, Scriptures, Christology

Liberation Theology, Christology

Instructor Espiritu, Wilson Angelo G.

the implications of divine-human collaboration for contextual, political, and public theologies; interrelating popular piety and social commitment; suffering, hope, and salvation; critical realism for theology and religious education; spirituality

foundational and systematic theologies, religious education

Instructor Galvez, Javier Miguel A.

Normativity of the Future, Teilhard de Chardin

Biblical Theology