Rank Name Research Interests Specialization
Assistant Professor Lambino, Patricia P.

Religious education/catechesis history and method, contextual theologies, popular religiosity, and evangelization

Instructor Lanot, Bernadine Ianne I.

Environmental Theology, Catholic Social Teaching, Early Childhood Religious Education

Instructor Liberatore, Michael J.

Faith, Postmodernity and Postcoloniality; Culture and Religion; Poverty, Faith and Social Change; Liberation Theologies; Catholic Social Doctrine

Systematic Theology, Liberation Theologies, Theology and Justice, Catholic Social Doctrine

Associate Professor Mendoza, Ruben C., Ph.D.
Theologies of Religions, Peacebuilding and Reconciliation, Contextual Theologies, Asian Theologies
Theologies of Religions
Associate Professor Natividad, Maria Lucia C.

Methodology in Religious Education
Effective Method in Interpreting Scripture in Religious Education
Christian Imagination as a Method in Religious Education
Practicing the Faith