Ateneo Innovation Center Research Thrusts

Innovation with a “heart”
Professors, “thesis” students, interns, AIC researchers and partners  collaborate to create an impact for the betterment of our society. WE work hand-in-hand developing innovative designs and ideas that provide solutions. The video (AIC Technologies) is a montage of the projects that have been developed and deployed, the various involvements of AIC in the empowerment of the next generation of innovators and technopreneurs, and its partnerships with other organizations.


“Our process of innovation, research and commercialization is really simple: we look for really good ideas from ourselves in Ateneo, from our partners and from around the world (through literature) for products, services and models. We would then spend a year of research and development time to create prototypes and proof of concepts, being an open innovation center we show these to our close partners and get feedback, buy-in and investment. We work and work until something gels or vector into another direction that has more promise.”