Ateneo Innovation Center augments water system in Samar hospital

August 07, 2017
Finished prototype of the Solar Powered Water System

The Ateneo Innovation Center (AIC) installed a Solar – Powered Water System at the Dr. Gregorio B. Tan Memorial Hospital (GB TMH) in Laoang, Northern Samar. AIC Engineers Paul M. Cabacungan and Dominic Solpico first looked over the proposed installation aimed at supplementing the hospital’s water supply during the rainy season.  Cabacungan later returned with AIC technical apprentice Carlos F. Gonzales to oversee the actual installation.
Cabacungan and Solpico earlier showcased innovations to several stakeholders and possible partners in the province of Northern Samar when they were invited in August 2016 by the provincial government through Congressman Edwin Ongchuan, 2nd District Representative, and Dr. Mary Ann G. Avalon, Provincial Health Officer II (PHO II) to help develop solutions for the limited access to clean water and the absence of potable water at GB TMH.  

Ocular inspection for possible sites of the water system.

One specific innovation of interest was the Solar – Powered Water System and ocular inspection was immediately done for possible sites of installation as well as costing and canvassing of materials needed for the water system.
Last February 5-10, 2017, Engineers Cabacungan and Carlos F. Gonzales were invited to install the water system in GB TMH. Materials unavailable in Laoang were purchased in Manila ahead of their visit and sent via parcel delivery. The remaining materials were purchased in Catarman and Laoang with the assistance of Engineer Carlos Cardenas, from Provincial General Services, and Mr. Domingo Laguitan, GB TMH Supply Officer. The actual installation was overseen by Engineers Cabacungan and Gonzales and facilitated by Mrs. Madeleine Ong’s contracted workers for the Doctors’ Quarters.

Dr. Anita Cui, GB TMH Chief of Hospital, finalizes plans for the installation with Engineers Cabacungan and Gonzales from AIC

At the moment, the AIC is also involved in creating a Phototherapy Light for Jaundice Treatment (24 infants cured after a year of clinical trial in Hospital ng Makati), a Mobile Clean Water System in the Resettlement Areas of Pandi, Bulacan (an Agenda for Hope project that will start this school year), a Solar-powered Clean Water System deployment in Laguna de Bay (another Agenda for Hope project that will start this school year).
The AIC is also acting as an OSCI Formator for NSTP-AIC ( multi-disciplinary group composed of 5 ES, 5 SOM, 5 Econ & 5 DS sophomores) class in Pandi, Bulacan and handling the Young Innovators' Club (grade 5 & 6 students) in Ateneo Grade School.

Engineer Cabacungan inspects the remaining materials purchased in Laoang and Catarman, with the assistance of Engineer Cardenas from Provincial General Services

The AIC has been installing innovative projects like clean water installations since 2009.