Digital Visualization of Melting Point Apparatus

Looking at a 1 to1.5 mm dia. glass tube

Bamboo Electric Bike (from left to right: Matthew Cua, Amelie Cottin, Paul Cabacungan, Alexis Flipo, Jake Ramos)


Magnetic Stirrer with students of engineering workshop under Paul Cabacungan

Low-cost LED Lighting with Paul Cabacungan teaching some interns

Solar-powered Wimax with Paul Cabacungan installing the receiving antenna in Faura roofdeck.

Solar-powered CB Radio

Solar-powered Aquaponics (Set-up was done by Gregory Tangonan & Paul Cabacungan)

Solar-powered Aerators (Set-up was done by Gregory Tangonan & Paul Cabacungan)

Solar-powered Lamp Post with Paul Cabacungan in Ateneoville, Nangka, Marikina City

LPG Weight Indicator (Supervised by Gregory Tangonan & Paul Cabacungan)

Turbidity Sensor (Proponents: Dominic Solpico, Gregory Tangonan, Nathaniel Libatique)


Remote Controlled Field Server Propeller (from left to right: Jerelyn Co, Ivan Tan, Paul Cabacungan)

RC Boat


Architectural Team


Mind-controlled Appliances

Solar-powered Electrolysis

Solar-powered Laser Pointer


Coconut Speakers

Low-cost Infant Incubator with Phototherapy light

Rainwater Harvesting Automation (using electronic gate valves)

Liquid Waste Treatment (Proponents: Salvador Granada Jr., Abigail Favis, Gregory Tangonan, Nathaniel Libatique)