About - SOSE Biology


The Department of Biology envisions itself as the premier provider of excellent education and research in biomedical sciences, biotechnology, ecology and systematics, microbiology, molecular biology, and bio-education, applying a holistic, rigorous and innovative approach to the biological sciences. Its alumni become prime movers and leaders in medicine, research, industry, and the academe, working toward nation-building from a Filipino, Catholic, and Jesuit perspective.
The Department of Biology commits itself to excellence and leadership in undergraduate and graduate programs in the fields of biodiversity, biomedicine, microbiology, molecular biology, and bio-education. It is guided by a dynamic and relevant curriculum that incorporates the strengths of Ateneo tradition and the challenges of the future. As an innovative center of learning, teaching, and research in the life sciences, it is dedicated to serve the University, the country, and all of humanity for the greater glory of God.