Dr. Nina Rosario Rojas receives award from Philippine Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

December 09, 2021

Dr. Nina Rosario L. Rojas, Associate Professor at the Department of Chemistry, is the Philippine Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology’s (PSBMB) recipient of the Clara Y. Lim-Sylianco Award.

Named after the late National Scientist, the recognition is given to individuals who have contributed significantly to the fields of biochemistry and molecular biology. 

Screenshot from Philippine Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Facebook

From the award announcement:  “PSBMB recognizes her significant contributions in the fields of biochemistry and molecular biology as an outstanding educator and an accomplished scientist. Dr. Rojas is a faculty member and former chair of the Ateneo de Manila University’s Department of Chemistry and has been a lecturer at the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health since it was founded. Her research works include protein design and engineering, biosensors, stem-cell-based assays for regenerative medicine using biomaterials and medicinal plants. She expertly leads a strong research group working at the intersection between chemistry, the life sciences, and bioinformatics. Her team continues to look at the potential of biomaterials and medicinal plants for degenerative and chronic diseases, as well as other applications. To date, she has been mentor or co-mentor to about 20 graduate and 60 undergraduate students.”

Dr. Rojas expressed her gratitude to the Ateneo de Manila community for the continued support.

“This award is really for the team's efforts over the years— for the colleagues, students, and researchers who have been sharing this journey, and the mentors who have supported and guided the team. In a special way, we thank the scholarship program and its benefactors who have provided for many members of the team.  We are deeply grateful to Ateneo for its institutional and community support for us and the science that we do. The Ateneo Biomolecular Research Group will continue to work to tap the potential of our bioresources, such as medicinal plants and biomaterials, for health and wellness and other applications.”