Program Offered

The Health Sciences Program offers the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences, which is an honor's degree. Designed for future health professionals and physicians aspiring to continue their training in medical education, particularly at the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health (ASMPH), the program of study requires a total of 162 academic units. The Core Curriculum provides a foundation for using the multi-disciplinary approach in the study of health while relevant course offerings in Social Sciences and Management further deepen this approach. The courses have been arranged in a sequential manner to enable the students to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values necessary for them to become outstanding health care professionals, dynamic manager, and decisive social catalysts.

The Health Sciences Program offers experiential learning to its students through the Scholarly Work Series, the Health Professional Series, and its various course offerings.

The Scholarly Work Series (HSc 197 and HSc 198) engage undergraduate students to conduct researches on the health sector and to appreciate the importance of research in health and sustainable development. The series entail application of acquired knowledge, skills, and values from various disciplines, such as epidemiology, social sciences, economics, communication, informatics, and management, in the study of health. Encompassing four semesters, the Scholarly Works allow students to fully develop and implement researches on chosen health-related topics under the mentorship of faculty advisers.

The Health Professional Series (HSc 191 and HSc 192) provide opportunities for students to comprehensively understand the roles of health care professionals in the community (The Health Professional and the Community), in the field of research (The Health Professional as Scientist or Investigator), and in governance (The Health Professional as an Administrator) in order for them not only to be an agent of social change (The Health Professional as an Agent of Change) but a changed agent (The Health Professional as a Changed Agent) as well.

Through such meaningful opportunities to learn and to serve, Health Sciences students are continually formed to become outstanding health professionals, dynamic managers, and decisive social catalysts.  

Graduates of Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences are prepared for careers in medicine (physicians and other health care professionals), academe (medical education and health education), research (epidemiology and systems management), administration (health program management and health policy), and industry (pharmaceuticals, health maintenance organizations, health care marketing, and health promotion).