5-year BS Computer Science / BS Digital Game Design and Development

The 5-Year BS in Computer Science and BS in Digital Game Design and Development program aims to produce highly skilled game design and development Ateneans who are capable of creating games for diverse purposes.  Capitalizing on the Ateneo’s emphasis on interdisciplinarity and service to others, our graduates should be able to produce high quality games for entertainment as well as for education, physical or mental therapy, cultural preservation, advertising, and so on.  Furthermore, we believe that the creation of such a course encourage interdisciplinary research and collaboration.

The first degree in computer science grounds students in programming, algorithms, databases, mathematics, and physics.  Students are also required to take subjects on the theory and aesthetics of game design.  During the fifth year, the degree program incorporates a year-long integrative project in which the students must conceptualize and implement a game, up to the point where it is ready to be marketed.  We encourage students to make use of their major electives to increase their game innovation skills, to explore game application areas.
Characteristics of the ideal BS CS/DGDD graduate

  • Adept at program design and development using a variety of programming languages and platforms
  • Solidly grounded in theoretical aspects of computer science and mathematics
  • Able to conceptualize games for purposes other than entertainment
  • Able to reflect upon the impact of games on individuals, communities, and institutions
  • Able to integrate other disciplines and game design to increase the richness of the game experience

Bachelor of Science in Digital Game Design and Development v2015 [PDF]

Bachelor of Science in Digital Game Design and Development v2018 [PDF]