DISCS PrO 2018

February 12, 2018
The 2018 DISCS Programming Open was held on Saturday, 3 February 2018, at the 2nd Floor of Faura Hall, Ateneo de Manila University.
DISCS PrO 2018 consisted of two divisions: the College division, which was open to all Loyola Schools undergraduate students, excluding members of the ADMU Programming Varsity (ProgVar); and the High School division, which was open to high school students. Participants competed in teams of three in an ACM-ICPC-style programming contest.
College Division
Eight teams participated in the College division to try their hand at eight problems in three hours.
College Division Winners
Winning First Place and awarded a cash prize of Php 3000, Team "Hash MAT", composed of Antonio Callanta III, Juan Miguel Alfonso Habana, and Alyssa Nicole Ty, solved 6 out of 8 problems.
Winning Second Place and awarded a cash prize of Php 1500, Team "I skipped gym for this", composed of John Casey Bandiola, Daniel Raymond Del Rio, and Riana Mary Claire Lim, solved 5 out of 8 problems.
High School Division
Twenty (20) teams participated in the High School division, with one of the teams comprised of students coming from Visayas and Mindanao. The teams spent three hours trying to crack 10 problems.
High School Division Winners
Awarded a cash prize of Php 3000 for winning First Place is Team "Kevin Fan Club", composed of Dan Alden Baterisna, Kyle Patrick Dulay, and Carl Joshua Quines, having solved all 10 problems of the contest.
Awarded a cash prize of Php 1500 for winning Second Place is Team "AXSCII", composed of Alexander Bernard Go, Ryan Mark Shao, Andrew James Ting, from Xavier Scohol San Juan, having solved seven out of 10 problems.
WiC Special Awards
The Computing Society of the Philippines Special Interest Group for Women in Computing (CSP-SIG-WiC) provided spcial cash prizes for high school teams with female members. Prizes were awarded on the basis of team composition followed by score, in that order. Teams must have successfully solved at least one problem.
Special Awards Winners
The WiC Special Prizes were awarded to two all-girl teams.
Awarded the WiC First Prize, with a cash prize of Php 3000, Team "Strawberry Fries", composed of Jinger Chong, Trisha Lei, and Isabel Santiago, from Saint Jude Catholic School, solved three out of 10 problems.
Awarded the WiC Second Prize, with a cash prize of Php 1500, Team "3 in 1", composed of Althea Charlize Ong, Julia Ysobel Pineda, Johanna Eikou Teknomo, from Miriam College High School, solved one out of 10 problems.
Congratulations to all the winners!
We thank ADMU ProgVar members, alumni, and management team for organizing the contest and providing challenging contest problems. We thank the DISCS technical and administrative staff for all the logistical support.