BS Math Gathering

August 21, 2016
Mark Tolentino

The BS Math majors together with some faculty members and graduate students of the Math department

Last Thursday, August 18, 2016, the BS Math Gathering was held at CTC 413. In attendance was the BS Math majors from all year levels, some faculty members of the Math department, and some special guests who shared their work with our BS Math majors. This is the second such event held; the first BS Math Gathering was held last February 24, 2016. These gatherings aim 

  1. to foster camaraderie among our BS Math students,
  2. to expose them to research works from different fields of mathematics,
  3. to promote appreciation of mathematics among them, and
  4. to provide a venue for the Math department to hear and respond to their concerns.

The BS Math majors

For this semester’s BS Math Gathering, Dr. Richard Eden gave a short sharing on the Philippine team’s success on this year’s IMO. The event also featured the Gallery of Mathematics, a presentation of posters containing the research work undertaken by the department's graduate students. Lai Salvana (M AMF 2016) also shared some research opportunities in the energy sector for graduates of BS Math and other fields with math background.

Left: Dr. Richard Eden, Right: Lai Salvana

Finally, to give the students a chance to relax from their academics, the last part of the program was all fun and (board) games!

Students take the chance to relax by playing some board games.

For more pictures, please visit the Ateneo Math Department Facebook page.