Faura Hall and Science Education Complex house several Physics Laboratories and Facilities:

1. Advanced Physics Laboratory: Modern physics devices such as the Fabry-Perot interferomenter and gas-discharge spectroscopes

2. Materials Physics Laboratory: Universal testing machine, four-point probe tester, hardness tester, and various microscopes--stereo, metallographic, electron, and interferometric

3. Photonics Laboratory: Lasers, elastomeric optics, volume holography, biomimetics, and optofluidics devices

4. Vacuum Coating Laboratory: High-vacuum systems for thin film coating and magnetized plasma for deposition 

5. Professor Norberto Tecson Laboratories: Undergraduate physics laboratories, lathe machine, and machine shop

The atmospheric physics research facilities are stationed at the Manila Observatory:

1.  Regional Climate Systems Laboratory: High-performance computers that use data from automated meteorological stations to predict climate

2. Urban Air Quality / Instrumentation Technology and Development Laboratory: Telemetric rain gauges, automated weather stations (AWS), Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscope (DOAS), and NASA's AERONET (Aerosol Robotic Network)

3. Upper Atmospher Dynamics Laboratory: Designated as Kyushu University's ICSWSE (International Center for Space Weather Sciece and Education) subcenter in charge of one FMCW (Frequency Modulted Continous Wave) radar and 6 Philippine MAGDAS magnetometers (Tuguegarao, Muntinlupa, Legazpi, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, and Davao).