Opening Remarks of Dr. Raphael A. Guerrero during the Physics General Assembly 2018

November 22, 2018
Quirino Sugon Jr

Welcome to our General Assembly for the First Semester of School Year 2018-2019. I am so happy to see all of you here, different batches of students, our faculty. We will have some fun and games later, but as part of the welcome remarks I would like to give an overview of where the Department is at as of this School Year.

First, I would like to introduce the faculty members who are here with us this evening. We have Dr. James Simpas, Dr. Obie Cambaliza, Dr. Pope Sugon, Dr. Mon de los Santos. Joining us this semester we have Mr. Jaren Rex and re-joining us this semester is Dr. Minella Alarcon. And Dr. Gemma Narisma who is also the executive director of the Manila Observatory. Another new faculty member we have Ms. Cathy de la Cruz. Another Faculty member we have Johanna Indias. The department will never work without our indefatigable staff members. We have Ms. Anna Asis, our Department Secretary. From our labs we have Mr. Ruel Agas. And our laboratory supervisor we have Mr. Numer Melaya.

Let us get a feel for the room. We have first year students. A freshman over there. Still very hopeful about the future. Our sophomores, we have the second year students. We have an exponential decay in numbers after one year. Our third year students. I think they have a class. They will be joining us later. Our seniors, the fourth year students. Thank you. Our superseniors, our fifth year MSE students. Some of them are here. Some of them are having their thesis updates with the MSE program. Joining us also are our graduate students. We have a healthy number. Hopefully, there will be less of them next year program after they finish their programs.

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