Reimagining Journalism in Asia - Asian Journalism Conference

Monday, March 01, 2021
Wednesday, March 03, 2021


“Reimagining Journalism in Asia” is a three-day digital journalism conference that aims to discuss vital issues, explore new practices, and build a media community upholding press freedom across Asia.
The conference centers on topics that have greatly affected journalistic practice: the coronavirus pandemic, disinformation, and technology and the public. Through this conference we hope that
Asian journalists will deepen conversations about issues facing the profession, and the ways that journalists could move forward and better engage with each other and with the communities they serve.
The conference aims to achieve the following objectives:
• To understand risks and challenges encountered by Asian journalists worldwide, and facilitate learning on how to address press freedom issues in each one’s community and work spaces
• To open opportunities to strategize and plan for future collaborations among local and regional journalists and media organizations
• To establish an online community via Facebook that could become a support network and strengthen the platform for sharing of knowledges, tools, and experiences between Asian journalists and media practitioners worldwide
The digital conference will feature 10 sessions, spread over three days between March 1 to 3, 2021. Each day of the conference will have plenary, panel, and workshop sessions. Sessions
will be conducted from morning to afternoon (Manila time).
The plenary sessions focus on providing a regional perspective on the practice of journalism.
The panel sessions will feature two to three expert practitioners sharing country-specific their experiences.
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The workshops will feature a subject matter expert giving hands-on training or learning sessions on a specific topic related to the theme of conference day.
For further questions about the activity, you may contact our conference coordinator, Raizza Bello, via You may also reach us via ACFJ’s online channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.