Chinese Studies Program

The Chinese Studies Program seeks to impart knowledge and develop expertise in Chinese studies in order to improve the relations between the Philippines and China through a better understanding of china, promote more harmonious relations between ethnic Chinese and larger Filipino communities, increase the understanding of the Chinese heritage of Philippine culture, and promote Ateneo’s vision of person-for-others through the teaching of certain Chinese values.

This vision is achieved by teaching Chinese language and culture and Chinese studies-related courses in cooperation with other departments in the School of Social Sciences and with other Loyola tertiary schools; conducting research in Chinese Studies independently, in cooperation, or in coordination with other units within or outside the University; and serving as a link to the Philippine community through its cooperation with other institutions or organizations and its sponsorship of public fora on issues related to Chinese studies.

The Chinese Studies Program offers both major and minor programs. These programs provide students keys to the unleashed by China’s economic growth through language instruction and courses on Chinese history, politics, economics, society and culture. They open graduates to wider options, particularly in business, Foreign Service, and research.

  • To equip students with Chinese language skills.
  • To provide students with a holistic and critical appreciation of China.
  • To provide students with tools for engaging China on different levels and areas.
  • To prepare students for further work in Chinese Studies, whether it be language or disciplinal.