Ateneo Traditional Chinese Medicine Training marks anniversary with graduation

August 22, 2019
The Ateneo Traditional Chinese Medicine Training Program (TCM) will hold the graduation of its inaugural batch of the Traditional Chinese Medicine for Medical Professional course on August 30. It will be a double celebration, as well as Ateneo TCM will mark its second anniversary.
The anniversary event, to be held at the Ricardo and Dr. Rosita Leong Auditorium, is a whole day event (9 am – 4 pm) with lectures and free clinic. The graduates and new practitioners of TCM will give talks on topics such as TCM and Sports Medicine, TCM for Brides and Mothers (a unique look at Women’s Health), Bodywork and Pilates, and Palliative Care for Terminal Patients. TCM program doctors will offer a free clinic for Ventosa Cupping Therapy at Room 206 of Leong Hall.
Dr. Christine Cabrera-Hernandez and Dr. Regina C. Talevera, faculty members and TCM practitioners, will host the event.
The Ateneo TCM Training Program has been providing education in TCM for Medical Professionals and for General Education since 2016. Under the three-year TCM for Medical Professionals course, there are three ongoing batches, with a total of 31 doctors, nurses and other medical professionals studying TCM and Acupuncture. For the TCM for General Education courses, the workshops series conducted so far in 2019 are: “The Five Spices and Five Fragrances” which connects Chinese Medicine with cuisine, dietary therapy, herbal medicine, aromatherapy and essential oils; and “The Ethereal Soul,” a look at philosophical concepts of psychology in Chinese Medicine, and how it relates with modern concepts of mental health, anxiety, and depression.
Ateneo TCM was founded in 2017 by Francisco V. Navarro, M.D., Director of Training in TCM, to coincide with the 30th year of Loyola Schools’ Chinese Studies Program.