Online Basic Conversational Cantonese

August 03, 2020
Course Description
This course is suitable for those who are interested to learn Cantonese and develop basic listening and speaking skills. Our lessons are structured and designed to suit different levels of learners, allowing participants to gain conversational skills relevant to a variety of social contexts. Participants will also be introduced to a wide range of topics in culture, history and society to give them a well-rounded knowledge of the Cantonese-speaking world.


•To communicate in basic Cantonese with the community, friends or relatives.
•Understanding one's roots and culture.
•Build rapport with the community.

Learning Materials
Handouts will be given to help participants develop listening and speaking skills. English and Romanized translations will be provided in the handouts and further explained by the instructor.

Entry Requirement
12 years old and above.

About the Faculty
Chua Yuen Yu Charlene was born in Hongkong and graduated at Philippines School of Business Administration with a major in management.  Since 1988, she already devoted her time in improving the teaching of chinese language. Last 2009, she won an Outstanding Chinese School Teacher, a model Chinese Teacher Award by Cebu Anonymous Elite Chinese School Teacher award. She also attended Chinese teaching trainings at Tianjin University, China. 

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