Major in Chinese Studies

with tracks in Business, Humanities, or Social Sciences

Background and Rationale

China is an emerging world power and there is a need to equip Filipinos with the skills necessary for engaging China from different dimensions and perspectives;
Established in 1987, the Ateneo de Manila's Chinese Studies Program has twenty years of experience teaching Mandarin and other Chinese Studies courses, including the offering of a Minor in Chinese Studies, thus providing evidence of capacity to offer an undergraduate degree in Chinese Studies;
The Confucius Institute and the Ricardo Leong Center for Chinese Studies at the Ateneo de Manila University make resources available for bringing Chinese Studies in the Ateneo and in the country to a higher level;
China's growth and the increasing number of organizations (e.g., multinational corporations, government, businesses, schools) that deal with China offer graduates a wide variety of career opportunities in business, foreign service, tourism, translation, research, arts, teaching, and writing, both in the Philippines and abroad.

AB Chinese Studies Major Curriculum

The AB Chinese Studies degree offers a comprehensive knowledge of Mandarin Chinese (18 units) and an understanding of Chinese history and culture (15 units). The business track covers the fundamentals of business in a Chinese context. The humanities track focuses on aesthetic theories and the literature and arts of China. The social sciences track provides a broad introduction to the social realities in China and frameworks for analyzing them. Each track consists of 18 academic units. There is a total of 51 units of Chinese Studies courses in the degree.

Summary of Chinese Studies Major Curriculum

Ateneo de Manila University Courses
Core Chinese Studies Courses to be taken by all AB Chinese Studies Majors Mandarin Chinese levels 1-5 15
History of China 3
Chinese Philosophy 3
Government and Politics of China 3
Cross-Cultural Communication in the Chinese Context 3
Research Methods 3
Research in Chinese Studies 3
Core courses: 33 units 33
Business Track Fundamentals of Accounting 3
Fundamentals of Finance 3
Practical Chinese for Business 3
Principles of Marketing 3
Doing Business in China 3
Modern Chinese Economy 3
Business courses: 18 units 18
Humanities Track Introduction to Aesthetics 3
Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Arts 3
Introduction to Chinese Literature 3
Chinese Language Elective (e.g. Classical Chinese, Practical Chinese for Business) 3
Chinese Studies Humanities Electives (e.g. Modern Chinese Philosophy, Chinese Art and Society, Chinese Painting) 6
Humanities courses: 18 units 18
Social Sciences Track Survey of Social Theories 3
Basic Statistics for Social Sciences 3
Modern Chinese Economy 3
Chinese Language Elective (e.g. Classical Chinese, Practical Chinese for Business) 3
Chinese Studies Social Sciences Electives (e.g. Ethnic Chinese in Philippine Life, China's Foreign Policy, History of Modern China, History and Culture in Chinese Films) 6
Social Sciences courses: 18 units 18