Development Studies Program

The Bachelor of Arts degree, major in Development Studies is ideal for individuals who want to make effective contributions to improve Philippine society through international development organizations, law, politics, foreign service, government, non-government organizations, corporate foundations, and business. This degree program has been offered by the Development Studies Program since 1986.
Development Studies is a distinct field of multidisciplinary study, research, and policy analysis directed at understanding the processes and imperatives of national, regional, community and global transformation. The degree program combines key insights from Economics, Political Science, Sociology and Management in order to development, manage, evaluate approaches for institutionalizing sustainable improvements in people's quality of life. While providing a broad multidisciplinary base, the program also requires students to specialize in one of the following fields: Development Management, Development Communications, Economics, Cultural Heritage, Environment and Development, Gender Studies, Health and Development, History, International Relations, Political Science, Public Management, Social Entrepreneurship or Sociology.

Our Vision: Seeks to form competent development professionals who are able to analyze changing social conditions and effectively contribute to the continuing effort to improve Philippine society.
Our Mission: Provide an interdisciplinary program of studies for undergraduate students that are ever responsive to the changing human resource requirements for Philippine development.


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