Ateneo relaunches economic briefing ‘Eagle Watch’

August 11, 2014

(The following news article is a recap of the Eagle Watch Briefing last August 8, 2014, as posted in the main page)

The Ateneo ‘Eagle Watch’ had its economic briefing at the Ateneo Professional Schools, Rockwell campus in Makati City.  The revival of ‘Eagle Watch’ is aimed at engaging and educating the public on the Philippine’s economic landscape. It was attended by key finance and business professionals in the country. Economists and Eagle Watch Senior Fellows Fernando Aldaba, PhD, Leonardo Lanzona,Jr. PhD, Alvin Ang, PhD and Cielito Habito, PhD shared their insights on the fiscal state of the nation. They also provided macroeconomic forecasts and the impact of the Asean Economic Community (AEC) 2015 on the Philippines.

Dr. John Paul Vergara, Vice President for the Loyola Schools read the welcome message of University President Fr Jose Ramon T. Villarin SJ. The revival of the ‘Eagle Watch,’ he said, is the university’s answer to the call of building the nation.
“Eagle Watch brings Ateneo’s best economic minds in the service of the country, providing information, analyses and insights that can be used by the government and private sector for a more responsive and effective business and economic policies,” he said.
Dr. Aldaba delved on Aquinomics, his take on President Benigno S. Aquino III’s ‘governance is good economics” stance. The president’s efforts, he said, have contributed to the growth of the economy.
For his part, Dr. Lanzona said that the country’s GDP has increased, with services and manufacturing sectors driving the growth.

Dr. Ang echoed Dr. Lanzona’s position, saying that the manufacturing sector has indeed boosted the economy.  He likewise gave a positive outlook on the country’s financial and equities market.
As the last speaker, Dr. Habito stressed that the country is strongly positioned for AEC. However, small and medium enterprises must gear up and change their ways to help propel the country’s economy, he noted.

Based on their presentations, they predicted the country’s growth’s this year at 6.2 to 6.4%.
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