The Department of Economics and ACERD relaunches its seminar series with 'Poverty in the Philippines'

February 07, 2020

On 5 February 2020, ADMU Economics Department and ACERD relaunched its seminar series. Dr. Dennis Mapa, PSA National Statistician, kicked-off the series with a lecture entitled “Poverty in the Philippines.” You may download his presentation HERE

The seminar is a monthly series hosted by the ADMU Economics Department and ACERD. The series invites scholars in the field of economics to present the results of their most recent research. For future seminar, please visit the link HERE

On the same day, the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the Ateneo de Manila University and the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) was signed. This allows the university's faculty, staff, students and researchers access to the public use files (or anonymized raw data) of the various census and surveys being undertaken by the PSA. The agreement will allow these datasets to be stored in the Rizal Library, which will develop rules for access of the data by the Ateneo community.

The MOA covers the following: censuses on population, housing, agriculture, fisheries, business, industry, and other sectors of the economy; statistical information relating to the Philippines’ economic, social, demographic and general activities and conditions of the people; and, statistical sample surveys on all aspects of socioeconomic life including agriculture, industry, trade, finance, prices and marketing information, income and expenditure, education, health, culture, and social situations for the use of the government and the public.

Previously, university researchers had to make individual requests for datasets at the PSA, necessitating time and travel costs in requesting and collecting the data to and from the agency. The MOA will make the PSA datasets more accessible to the university community, as their data requests can be made directly to the university library located at the campus premises. Hopefully, this will facilitate the production of research studies being undertaken by the Ateneo community. At the same time, it is also hoped that the storage of PSA data in the Rizal Library will make the Ateneo community more aware of the importance of various censuses and surveys being undertaken by the government.

The specific details on how the various datasets can be accessed by the university community will be announced soon. In the MOA, the PSA has agreed to provide access to more than 25 censuses and surveys.