Doctor of Philosophy in Leadership Studies, major in Organizational Development

The PhD in Leadership Studies, major in Organization Development is a program designed to develop scientist-practitioners who can build knowledge, theory, and practice on Asian and Philippine leadership and organization development. More specifically, by the end of this degree program, learners will be able to:
1.    Critically evaluate existing theories and practices of leadership and organization development in the context of culture.
2.    Build knowledge on leadership and organization development practice based on cultural context.
3.     Reflect on their own experiences, and improve their self-understanding.
4.    Apply leadership theory and practice towards building and transforming community, institution, and nation.
The primary market of this program are human resource management (HR) or organization development (OD) practitioners and faculty who wish to teach human resource management, industrial-organizational psychology, organization development, or related fields. Other possible students are leaders or consultants from business management, academe, nonprofit and nongovernment organizations, and public governance who wish to deepen their theoretical grounding and contribute to knowledge building on organization transformation.