Master’s Degree in History

The program exposes students to the scholarship and research techniques of history.  It also provides flexibility for professionals in different occupations to earn a Master’s degree in History.  The two program tracks are:  Option I (Thesis) and Option II (Non-Thesis).


I.  Required Subjects (9 units)

Hi 200 – Research Methods in History


Hi 201 – Seminar in Historiography – or –

Hi 202 – Statistical Methods in History


Hi 210 – Philippine Historiography I – or –

Hi 211 – Philippine Historiography II


N.B. Equivalent subjects may be substituted subject to the approval of the chair of the Department of History.


II.  Field of Concentration

Option I – 15 units of course work

Option II – 21 units of course work


As much as possible, the student should divide these units among three fields of study in the history curriculum.  These fields include:  the Philippines, Asia, Europe, and the Americas.


The student can also work on thematic or special fields in consultation with the department chair and faculty adviser.


N.B.  Equivalent subjects may be substituted subject to the approval of the chair of the Department of History.


III.  Electives/Cognates

Electives/Cognates may be chosen from graduate-level subjects in the fields of concentration or other disciplines with the approval of the department chair and the student’s faculty adviser.


IV.  Comprehensive Examination

All M.A. students take the three-field written and oral comprehensive examination after completing the required number of units for their program (Option I – 30 units, Option II – 36 units).


V.  Thesis/Research Paper

Option I – Thesis (6 units) and Oral Defense.  The thesis (and its oral defense) for the M.A., major in History, consists of written research on a historical period or topic.


Option II – Research Paper (3 units) – Aside from the above-mentioned 36 units, the student in Option II enrolls and completes in one semester Hi 207 – Research Project in History.  Hi 207 is aimed at the development of a topic and exploration of source materials for a research paper to be written and submitted for approval by the student’s faculty adviser.


N.B.  Students must be registered during the semester that they plan to graduate.


Total number of units:

Option I – 36

Option II – 39