Minor in History

A. Admission Procedure
  1. The Minor in History program is open to any Ateneo undergraduate student, except those pursuing the A.B., major in History degree.
  2. The student informs his/her home department chair/program director of his/her intention to take a Minor.
  3. To be admitted into the Minor in History Program, a student must be at least Sophomore (second year) standing and must meet the yearly QPI requirement for his/her particular level.
  4. Students who wish to apply for the Minor in History must fill out an application form, available from the Department secretary together with the Form for Change of Degree Program or Application for Minor/Specialization this form may be downloaded from AISIS and submit it to the History Department within two weeks after the opening of classes every semester.  
  5. Graduating seniors who wish to be admitted into the program must apply in the First Semester of their Senior year.  The Minor in History will not be awarded to any graduating senior retroactively and without a properly completed application form submitted within the prescribed deadline.
  6. The student’s home department/program is responsible for incorporating the requirements of the Minor in the student’s Individual Program of Study (IPS).
  7. Double counting of courses between two Minors will not be allowed (i.e., a required/elective course for one Minor may not be counted towards the completion of another Minor). In the event that the same course is required by the student’s second Minor Program, the student must take an additional course to replace that required course.
B. Course Requirements for the Minor in History Program

The Minor in History Program has a total of fifteen (15) units distributed as follows:

Subject code Course Title Units
Histo 11 Rizal and the Emergence of the Philippine Nation 3
Histo 12 Philippine History 3
  History Electives 9
  TOTAL 15
C. Awarding of the Minor in History
  1. The Minor in History will be awarded to a graduating senior upon completion of the required History courses (15 units) with a minimum grade of C in all these courses.  The Minor will not be awarded to a student who completes the required number of units, but does not meet the minimum grade requirement in any of the courses.
  2. The History Department Chair will approve the final list of seniors who will be awarded the Minor at the end of each school year before the list is submitted to the Registrar.  An appropriate ceremony will be held by the Department at the end of each school year to recognize those students who have completed the Minor in History Program.