Disasters in History: The Philippines in Comparative Perspective

October 22, 2014
“Disasters in History: The Philippines in Comparative Perspective”
will be held at the
LH 404, Ricardo & Dr. Rosita Leong Hall
Ateneo de Manila University
24–25 October 2014

Organized jointly by

Philippine Studies: Historical and Ethnographic Viewpoints

Department of History
School of Social Sciences
Ateneo de Manila University

in partnership with the

Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University


Keynote speakers are Greg Bankoff, PhD, Professor of Modern History, University of Hull and Gemma Narisma, PhD, Department of Physics, School of Science and Engineering, Ateneo de Manila University. Dr. Bankoff will speak on “Exploring the Limits of the Filipino Past: Toward a More Trans-environmental History of the Philippines.” In her keynote address Dr.Narisma tackles “Global Warming and Extreme Weather Impacts in the Philippines since the Early Twentieth Century.”

The conference gathers historians, climate scientists, anthropologists, and other scholars to present and discuss papers based on new research and perspectives in the study of disasters. It covers the histories of various disasters brought about by earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, volcanic eruptions, drought, and other natural hazards as historically experienced by various groups, classes, and communities in the Philippines and other parts of Asia Pacific. The papers offer comparative perspectives on how different societies with differing levels of vulnerability have prepared for, confronted, experienced, and moved on from disasters in different historical periods.
For registration details you may contact the Philippine Studies: Historical and Ethnographic Viewpoints editorial office, tel. nos. 255-5705 or 426-6001 local 4619 or email philstudies.soss@ateneo.edu.