Student Organization

LAHI (League of Ateneo Historians) is the growing student organization of the Department of History of the Ateneo de Manila University, which aims to provide students with mind-broadening opportunities and experiences inside and outside of the school. Spearheaded by goal-oriented student leaders and faculty advisers, the LAHI Core Team offers the History majors with various student-centered programs and projects, such as conferences and seminars, lectures, events, and field trips—all of which offer students chances to expand their perspectives and deepen their appreciation for History. LAHI also offers the students opportunities to apply for undergraduate and graduate scholarships in well-known universities abroad, and also provide the students exposure to various related career options that they may wish to pursue after graduation. LAHI is a student organization which aims to mold the students to be historians not just for their own endeavours, but to be historians for the sake of others. With the various experiences which LAHI now aims provide to the students, the opportunities are limitless.