JSP Special Lecture Series: Japan's International Development Cooperation and the Philippines

Friday, February 26, 2021
5:00 PM
The Japanese Studies Program of Ateneo with
JICA Program for Japanese Studies (JICA Chair)
invites everyone to the

2nd JSP Special Lecture Series: Contemporary Issues in Japan
Free and open to the public. Register here: http://bit.ly/3jb3nCk

This webinar will discuss Japan’s approach to international cooperation and its development activities in Southeast Asia. Prof. Kato will trace the history of Japan’s international development activities in Southeast Asia and then explain the characteristics of its official development assistance (ODA) approach in the region. The talk will then compare Japan’s development approach with the other major players in the region by citing Japan’s strategy on infrastructure and technical assistance in the Philippines as case study. In particular, Prof. Kato argues that Japan’s approach to international cooperation is shaped by its own development experience of modernization since the Meiji era and its economic recovery after WWII. Dr. Guillen of the Japanese Studies Program will serve as discussant and facilitator during the open forum.

For inquiries, email japanese.soss@ateneo.edu or message us @AteneoJSP