‘Nihongo for Everyone’ is really for everyone

January 07, 2022

‘Nihongo for Everyone (NFE)’ is a non-credit extramural class for beginners who want to learn the Japanese language. The Japanese Studies Program (JSP) offers the course is open to both Ateneo and non-Ateneo Japanese language learners. As the name suggests, it is for everyone: senior high school and college students, professionals, and adults who want to learn a new language. Younger individuals may also enroll but are advised to contact JSP first.

With the coronavirus outbreak, classes were moved online. The shift to an online learning environment has offered challenges in teaching the Japanese language, such as difficulty demonstrating and checking the proper way of writing Japanese characters by hand. But it has also afforded JSP unforeseen opportunities like having students [who would not have been able to attend classes on campus for logistical reasons] enroll in the online course.


One student who enrolled in the online class is Gabriel Angelo Endencia (BS Psychology 2017). Currently working in the BPO industry, Endencia initially registered for JSP’s NFE class in 2019. 


“I chose Nihongo because I thought the culture was interesting. I chose Ateneo specifically because I’m an alumnus, so I had an idea of the quality of teaching,” he says.


While he notes how face-to-face classes were “better because it was easier to communicate with your teachers and classmates,” Endencia appreciates the merits of an online course.


“It gives me something to do other than work from home, and I can continue to learn Japanese.”


He adds, “I’d recommend to more people because the teaching style and pace are good. You also don’t have to feel pressure from many requirements or tests. The way NFE is set up is ideal for people who want to learn Japanese but don’t have a lot of time. 


The new cycle for NFE will start on Saturday, January 22. Register now at http://go.ateneo.edu/UpdatedNFE-Registration. Deadline for registration is on Wednesday, 19 January. 

For further details, please visit http://go.ateneo.edu/NFECycle1-2022.