Knowledge and Social Innovation (Dr. Czarina A. Saloma-Akpedonu:

Knowledge mobilization, or the use of knowledge towards the achievement of goals, is central to social change and development. This research cluster on Knowledge and Social Innovation focuses on how knowledge is produced, transmitted, received, evaluated, and integrated into existing knowledge, thereby providing inputs for institutional and technological innovations that generate social change and development. Thus, it takes activities (e.g., education, training, research, consultancy, advocacy, science communication, social entrepreneurship) in settings which play host to knowledge creation, management, and utilization (e.g., universities, research institutions, international development agencies, industries, business entities, “open source” communities, local communities) as objects of study. The themes of specific interest to this research cluster include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Epistemic cultures. Culture of universities and research institutions, think tanks, government research agencies, knowledge-intensive firms, and communities. Forms of knowledge mobilization (e.g., (inter-/trans-) disciplinary, technology-mediated, participatory, living laboratories).


  • Policy research. Governance of scientific knowledge production and management. Models of policy research, policy-making and implementation.


  • Innovation systems. Structures and agents of knowledge sharing and innovation stimulation. Cultural and systemic contexts of national innovation systems.


  • Social development. Utilization of scientific knowledge and technology to address poverty and social inequality. Role of development consultants and experts, social entrepreneurs, science communicators, and other actors in promoting social innovation and development.

Sample Publications:
Dela Cruz, L.J.R.  (2013). Whose Expectations Matter? External Funding, Academic Dispositions, and University Social Research Centers in the Philippines. Philippine Sociological Review, 61(1), 147-173.
Saloma, C., Lao, M.E.J. and Lopez, L.A. (2013). How to make local government
institutions work: some lessons on social change.  Philippine Political Science Journal, 34(1), 83-96.