1. Student Research Paper Competition on Chinese Studies (6th Conference)
16 November 2019
2. 5th Junior Conference for Chinese Studies
Theme: China Takes Center Stage on the Global Arena
2018 November 7
3. An International Conference on Eastern Literature, History and Culture of the East and Road Region
27-28 September 2018
4. Ninth ACAS International Conference
24 August 2018
5. The Belt and Road Initiative and the Philippines: Views from the Social Sciences
17 April 2018
6. 3rd Junior Conference
Theme: Trending Now: Emerging Issues in Chinese Studies
14 November 2016
7. 2nd  Junior Conference 
Theme: Chinese in the Southeast Asian in Countries
13 November 2015
8. 1ST Junior Conference 
Theme:  Chinese Studies across the Disciplines
3  October 2014