Call for Papers: Student Research Paper Contest on Chinese Studies (7th Junior Conference for Chinese Studies

September 09, 2020

This activity aims to:

1.Raise the awareness among undergraduate students on China as an area of study;
2.Spur the minds of the young generation to look for ways to help our economy;
3.Motivate them to seek solutions to prevent exploitation of the environment;
4.Understand the effect of the Belt and Road Initiative on migration among Chinese citizens.


1.This contest is open to all undergraduate students, local or foreign. 
2.The research must have been done during a student’s stay in college this semester or during the last semester.
3.Research authors may be an individual or a group, provided the study was conducted during their stay in college.
4.Research papers that were already published, submitted, or accepted for publication prior to the contest are disqualified.
5.Main topic of this year’s research paper competition is anything about China or about the Filipino Chinese. However, participants may choose from any of the categories below, namely:


a.Business Opportunities for the Philippines
b.Infrastructure Development in South East Asia
c.Chinese Foreign Direct Investment in Asia
d.Natural Resources of the Countries directly involved in the Belt and Road Initiative
e.Labor Migration among Chinese citizens

6.Once the final manuscripts have been submitted, they will be forwarded to                    the judges who will score and choose the top FIVE (5) papers for each category for the oral presentation during the contest proper on the December 3, 2020. All the other submitted papers will be entered as posters which will be displayed in the Facebook page of the Ateneo Ricardo Leong center for Chinese Studies during the week of the research competition.
a.The best top three (3) overall winners will be awarded as, First Prize, Second prize and Third prize, accordingly. However, these three winners are disqualified to vie for honor in the selection for the best paper for each category.
b.The best paper for each category will be given recognition. The winners for each category shall be different from the best three above

Accomplish online registration  form to be downloaded from