Celebrate Social Sciences Week with Sanggu and the Student Organizations of SoSS

January 29, 2014

Calendar of Events
February  1
Ateneo Psyche’s The Better Life Project: MIRAGE at Decagon Silver City
February 2 & 3
Online Launch of SOSS Student Life Website
February 4
SOSS Kapihan at Faber Function Room, 430-6 PM
February 5
ACOMM's Media 360 Journ Tour at the Philippine Daily Inquirer, 1-5PM
MOVE to a Better Philippines: MDG Forum and Networking Night, 430-730 PM at MVP Roof Deck
EU Lecture Series: "Comparing Cultural Integration Trajectories in ASEAN and the EU” by Mr. Manuel Enverga III at SOM111, 430-6 PM
LIFE IN POLITICS: A Talk by the Ateneo Assembly at SEC C 201, 430-6 PM
February  6
LET’S TALK POS: A Political Theory Master Class by The Ateneo Assembly at Escaler Hall, 430-6 PM
State of CARPER Address: A Forum by Crusada, SEC B 201A 430-6 PM
February  7
EU Dep't & AEuSS Lecture Series: "Philippines-EU Relations" by Amb. Zeneida Collinson at Faura AVR, 430-6 PM
AEA’s EC102 Quiz Bee, 430-730, Escaler Hall
LIFE IN POLITICS 2 with Mr Bam Aquino by The Ateneo Assembly, Rizal Lib 5th Floor, 430-6 PM
Psyche’s Last Lecture, 430 – 730 at SEC Lec C
February  4 – 7 – DevSoc’s Binhing Handog Project and Bakesale at Dog House