Chris Tiu:Trusting God's plan

May 20, 2018

Graduation season has begun.
In a ceremony held May 17, 2018 at the Henry Lee Irwin, SJ Theatre, 310 students were awarded certificates of completion for a minor program/ specialization in the School of Social Sciences.
Commencement speaker Christopher John Alandy “Chris”  Dy- Tiu (BS Management Engineering ‘07) encouraged the students to trust in God’s divine plan. Tiu—a professional basketball player and television personality—received a certificate of completion in Chinese Studies in 2008.

“There are no accidents in God’s plan. Sometimes we have to learn to go and trust Him,” said Tiu.  Coming from a
Chinese-Filipino family, Tiu talked about how he was being groomed to work in the family business or at least join the corporate world. Basketball was definitely not in the plan.

Christopher John Alandy “Chris”  Dy- Tiu returns to hill.
"The culture was for parents to push your kids to get the best grades in elementary and high school. My parents were no different,” he said.

In elementary, Tiu made the school varsity team but he was no star player: “ I was a benchwarmer,” he said bluntly.
“One time we made it to Las Vegas to represent the country. At the time, I was the 10th man on the team, meaning there would be
4 substitutions before I (would) come into play. We made it to the championship round but we were losing to the American team,”
he recalled.  Circumstances led to Tiu being called to play and to everyone’s surprise, the benchwarmer played the best game of his
life and gave the Philippine team the championship title. That day, Tiu earned his first MVP award.
“I wanted to share this miracle that happened to me: from zero to hero. I’d like to think that it was God’s plan, of course with Mama Mary’s intercession that this miracle happened to me. That experience turned everything around for me.”
In college, Tiu played for the Ateneo Blue Eagles, helping the team end its 6 year championship drought against De La Salle University. He then played for the Philippine National team where he served as Team Captain. Today, Tiu plays for the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters in the Philippine Basketball Association.

Dean Fernando Aldaba of the School of Social Sciences

Basketball has opened many doors for Tiu, from hosting TV programs, taking on endorsement contracts to meeting new people and engaging in social projects.
“It was all about opportunity and timing. In every phase of my life, I was uncertain as to where I would end up,” he said.
Addressing the graduates,Tiu stressed the value of hard work, focus and dedication.

Dean Aldaba awards the certificate of completion to a student. Looking on is Ms. Amy de Pano, Assistant to the Dean.
“Focus on excellence, develop of good habits, forge meaningful relationships and take care of your reputation. We must hold on to the values taught by this institution. The timeless value of excellence, magis, patience, sincerity, humility, respect, modesty, perseverance, compassion and so on. Only by being selfless and of service to others can we truly be happy and contribute to nation building.”