The Assembly


The Assembly is the Political Science Organization of the Ateneo de Manila University. It is dedicated to promoting the spirit of critical thinking and participation on Philippine political issues within and beyond the Loyola Schools Community.

Vision. It envisions itself as the prime mover of the Ateneo in influencing and inciting national movement towards positive socio-political transformation, just governmentality and adherence to the Ignatian spirit of social responsibility. It is dedicated to exploring the many facest of politics and finding avenues to translate thought/ideas from discourse analysis into concrete solutions that contribute to societal development.

Mission. The organization is committed to producing thinkers who challenge structures that perpetuate social violence, leaders who strive to correct it and a community receptive to the refinement of political life. It is committed to enabling constructive critical thought through socially relevant campaigns and programs geared towards the realization of true democracy. It aims to challenge the apathetic to value campus politics and mobilize the Ateneo in continuing a tradition of proactive involvement in national issues. As an organization of politically inclined individuals, it is dedicated to serving its constituents by pushing them to the right direction by providing avenues for growth in intellect, character and skill.

Contact information:

Room 312 MVP-CSL, Ateneo de Manila University 
Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights 1105
Quezon City, Philippines.