Berse attends Meeting on Internationalization of Higher Education in ASEAN+6 in Thailand

December 10, 2016

BANGKOK, THAILAND – Department of Political Science faculty member, Pilar Preciousa P. Berse, Ph.D. (cand.) attends the Stakeholders Meeting on Indicators for Internationalization of Higher Education in ASEAN+6 in Bangkok, Thailand last November 2016. The said meeting is a gathering of select invitees consisting of policy-makers, academics, experts and practitioners, and representatives of regional organizations such as ASEAN, UNESCO, AUN and SEAMEO-RIHED, among others. The goal of the meeting is to map and discuss current trends in internationalization and identify indicators for internationalization that promote higher education in ASEAN+6. It was organized by the UNESCO-Bangkok Office with generous support from and strong collaboration with the University of Tokyo. 

Ms. Berse (2nd from the left) during the meeting in Bangkok.