Undergraduate Degree Programs

The Department of Psychology offers two undergraduate programs designed to provide students with solid training in the realms of teaching, research, practice, service, and advocacy: The Bachelor of Arts, major in Psychology Program (AB Psychology) and the Bachelor of Science, major in Psychology Program (BS Psychology).
Both programs engage students in the scientific study of human behavior and mental processes and provide strong humanistic and research foundations in the essential theories, principles, applications, and methods in the study of human behavior. These programs prepare students to become licensed psychometricians. Both programs also train students for work in industry, government, non-government, school, and community settings.

The Bachelor of Science major in Psychology Program (BS Psychology) prepares students for careers in the natural sciences, such as Medicine. Students hone their interest in the sciences via an array of natural science courses; those in the pre-medicine track take necessary science prerequisites for medical school.

BS Psychology 2020 Curriculum
BS Psychology Programme Specification Booklet

The Bachelor of Arts major in Psychology Program (AB Psychology) equips students with the perspectives and skills in managing people in diverse settings and/or psychological health and human development. In the People Management track, students are prepared for careers in organization and human resource development, leadership, social development, and other work in various organizational settings. In the Health and Human Development track, students are prepared for work in education, psychological assessment, and interventions to promote wellness and prevent negative outcomes.
The AB Psychology degree program was evaluated in March 2016 by the ASEAN University Network (AUN) and was found to be in accordance with the AUN Quality Assurance Standard.

AB Psychology 2020 Curriculum
AB Psychology Programme Specification Booklet