Procedure of shifting to Psychology for 1st Semester SY 2020-2021

June 03, 2020

What is the grade requirement? (To be strictly enforced)

  1. Cumulative QPI of 2.75 for non-Psychology majors shifting to AB/BS Psychology
  2. Cumulative QPI of 2.75 for AB Psychology majors shifting to BS Psychology
  3. No grade requirement for BS Psychology shifting to AB Psychology

How do I go about my application for shifting to Psychology?
Step ❶ Submit the following documents:

  1. Letter of intent to shift.

Address this to Ma. Elizabeth J. Macapagal, PhD
Chairperson, Psychology Department

  1. Grades. Scan your grades from AISIS.

Deadline: Email your submission on or before June 15, 2020 (Monday) to with the Subject Heading: Request to Shift to AB/BS Psychology.
Note. For BS Psychology shifting to AB Psychology, simply follow the procedures for online shifting requests.
Step ❷ Wait to be scheduled for an online interview.
Step ❸ The decision on your application will be sent through your email on or before June 23, 2020. The decision will be based on your grades, the interview, and availability of slots. If you have been accepted to the AB/BS Psychology, please follow the procedures on Online Shifting based on the memo of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Registrar’s Office.  The deadline is June 30, 2020.
Please note that slots are very limited so we will not be able to accommodate all applications.  
Thank you.

Please see attached file for the procedure of Shifting to Psychology for 1st Semester SY 2020-2021