DSA Tentative Course Offerings, Intersession 2020

May 18, 2020
Department of Sociology and Anthropology
School of Social Sciences, Loyola Schools
Ateneo de Manila University
Intersession, SY 2020-2021


SOCSC 12 The Contemporary World
This course explores the making of the contemporary world from an interdisciplinary social sciences perspective, seeking a comprehensive and critical understanding of modernity and its diverse aspects. It examines the cultural, economic, political and social transformations that have shaped the contemporary world and evaluates their effects on social actions, structures, spaces, ideas and institutions. This course also studies the processes that have brought about an increasing consciousness of the interconnections and interrelationships of local peoples and spaces around the globe, as well as dilemmas brought about by such changes and the responses to them. The perspectives and approaches emphasize the interfaces between local and global realities, situating the Philippines and its contemporary challenges amidst these complex processes.
ANTH 105
(SA 114)
Ethnographic Analysis
Dr. Fernando N. Zialcita
This course is a study of anthropological praxis to understand and critique the underlying epistemological foundations of ethnographic practice and theorizing. Emphasis is on the practice of ethnography and the analysis of
ethnographic data.
SOAN 140.1
(SA 159)
Special Topics in the Social Sciences: Globalization, Localities and Identity
Dr. Fernando N. Zialcita
This course is a study of consumption and the transformation of identities as important components of the cultural process, examining the intersection between the local and the global.
SOAN 139.1
(SA 164)
Transnational Migration: Gender, Culture, and Identities
Dr. Maria Andrea Soco-Roda and Dr. Johanna O. Zulueta
This course introduces current theories and contemporary debates on transnational migration. It will explore identity formation among Filipino migrants in relation to the intersections of culture, 'race', and gender, as well as the impact of institutions and discourse on shaping agencies and potentialities.


Intersession, SY 2020-2021


ANTH 236 Special Topics in Sociology and Anthropology: Visual Anthropology
Dr. Jose Jowel P. Canuday
This course deals with visual representations used by anthropologists and other forms employed by the anthropological subject. These include pictures, films, videos, performances, art, and decoration. These representations are considered art forms in many cultures. The course combines the theory and
practice of visual anthropology.
SOAN 292.1 Research in Social Systems
Dr. Jose Jowel P. Canuday
SOCDV 201.3 Key Concepts and Critical Debates in Social, International, and Transdisciplinary Development (MTSDev)
Dr. Czarina Saloma-Akpedonu | July 6-16, 2020
This modular course covers the key concepts and critical debates surrounding the notion of development, situating the term within the broader institutional, normative, operational, intellectual, geopolitical, historical, ethical, and transnational issues arising in the Global South. The course pays close attention to transdisciplinary approaches in cooperatively producing knowledge of development, participatory ways of building capacities, and establishing the principles of co-ownership and co-benefits among the actors and subjects of development.
SOCDV 203.4 Social Theory and Transdisciplinary Development (MTSDev)
Dr. Enrique Niño P. Leviste | August 1-12, 2020
A critical examination of canonical theories concerning modernity and its alternative forms, dependency, located experiences of class contradictions, socio-cultural pluralism, post-colonialism and decolonisation, variation of cosmopolitanisms, and globalisation vis-à-vis grounded articulation of knowledge of prosperity, well-being, humanity, and social transformations constitute the core topics of this course. Delivered through a modular class, seminar discussions, and field exposures, this course brings together the contrasting, complementing, and complex relationships between theory, practice, and situated knowledge.
SOCDV 292.3 Research Methods in Transdisciplinary Social Development (MTSDev)
Dr. Anna Marie Karaos and Dr. Mary Racelis | July 17-28, 2020
Drawing from ethnographic field methods in anthropology and quantitative approaches developed in sociology, this modular course equips students with practical and analytical skills in conducting participatory field research. Highlights of the course include variable approaches to research, conceptual framing, and data collection skills through participant observation, participatory action research, stakeholder engagement and analysis, public consulting, rapid appraisals, mediated content, archival documents, survey and questionnaire design.