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AB Sociology: Is it For Me?

Sociology is the scientific study of social life:  how we act and think and feel, how we relate with one another, how we create and shape our worlds, how we change and stay the same.  
Are you interested in the social? Sociology shows how our lives navigate in the intersections of larger forces – geographical, cultural, historical, economic, political and technological, to name a few -- so much so that it becomes inadequate simply to think that market forces and individual dispositions solely explain our actions.
Are you interested in the notion of social construction? Sociology believes that we create our social worlds – our system of governance, religion, family arrangements, cultural values, our school system, the social media, or our environment – so much so that they are subject, like human experience, to decay and rebirth. 
Are you interested in diversity? Sociology affirms the richness and variety of being and becoming human, and that we have invented countless ways to express aspects of experience -- our faith, our art, our notions of beauty, our health, our social rituals, our concept of success, our notion of power and leadership – so much so that we must shun singularity and embrace multiplicity, challenging and conflict-ridden as it is to do so. 
Are you interested in human welfare as well? Sociology advances the idea that for social change to be meaningful, we must judge progress not solely from the bottom line of profit and loss, or political expediency, but more importantly, from the vantage point of human welfare and social justice, the people above all!
And finally,  are you interested in the weight of evidence? Sociology makes conclusions in terms of data drawn from theory and sound research practices rather than from personal belief, hearsay, groupthink, or alternative facts; we are detectives not inquisitors. 

Learning to think sociologically - finding the extra in the ordinary - means considering all five: the notions of the social, social construction, diversity, human welfare, and evidence. These are the core ideas underlying the sociological enterprise, the business of the social to which we invite you, the students, to partake.

The Bachelor of Arts Program major in Sociology is a program implements this vision through a course of studies that provides a solid foundation in sociological theory and research methods. That foundation alone produces

graduates who will contribute to the production, interpretation, transmission, and application of knowledge generated from social research that is informed by economic, political, ecological, and socio-cultural trends in the local and global arena.

Program Outcomes

Upon graduation, students must be analytical and critical thinkers who are able to:
  • Explain and apply sociological concepts and theories;
  • Apply research skills in designing, implementing, and assessing social programs and projects in academic, government, corporate, development and other settings
  • Analyze and address social problems and issues;
  • Communicate ideas effectively in relevant settings;
  • Practice professional and ethical standards of Sociology and the social sciences; and
  • In all these, create a vision of personal and structural transformation that is grounded in Ignatian spirituality and strongly oriented toward building an inclusive and sustainable society.

Minor Programs

Minor Program in Cultural Heritage

This program trains students who wish to conserve and promote various elements of cultural heritage such as streetscapes, architecture, food ways, music, dance, and crafts. Students develop social science skills to understand the context for the conservation of cultural heritage and to communicate a vivid awareness of Filipino cultural heritage. Envisioned opportunities include work with development agencies or local government units, graduate studies in architecture, art management, development, tourism, or urban planning; creation of products with distinct local or regional feel; and work with hotels, restaurants and tours as a specialist in heritage tourism.

Minor Program in Sociology

This program provides the Ateneo student majoring in fields other than Sociology the basic background and skills to undertake systematic social research and analyses. With these research and analytical skills, envisioned opportunities include work in fields requiring an understanding of social development, organizational cultures, and social transformation.

Job Opportunities

The AB Sociology program prepares graduates for specialized studies and professional work after college. Many graduates have found sociology to be an asset for jobs in development work, management, heritage, conservation, social or market research, teaching, government service, and running global corporations. Many others have realized that sociology serves as excellent preparation for studies in law, diplomacy, journalism, urban planning, business, political science, environmental science, and public health. And still others pursue graduate studies in the field, seeking to deepen their knowledge and skills.

The Ateneo Social and Cultural Laboratory (ASCL) is a three-week intensive summer program that trains participants in using sociological and anthropological perspectives and methods in the documentation, interpretation, and analysis of social and cultural assets. It covers a week of classes in field methods, research design and data analysis techniques, and two weeks of fieldwork on a particular community and data processing and analysis.

It welcomes incoming senior college students from the humanities, management, science and engineering, and the social sciences; graduate students; non-academic professionals; and the general public interested in Philippine culture and society.

The 2009 inaugural program took place in Tayabas, Quezon Province to provide Fundacion Santiago, an NGO specializing in community development, with solid data that can help unlock Tayabas’ heritage tourism potential.

Click this link for ASCL reports: http://bit.ly/asclreports


AB Sociology: Is it For Me? Sociology is the scientific study of social life:  how we act and think and feel, how we relate with one another, how we create and shape our worlds, how we change and stay the same.     Are you interested in the social? Sociology...