Deadline for submitting applications for research ethics clearance in the Second Semester SY 2018-2019

February 08, 2019

08 February 2019

MEMO TO : The University community
FROM : University Research Ethics Office (UREO)
SUBJECT: Deadline for submitting applications that require research ethics clearance within the Second Semester SY 2018-2019 
This is to inform the University community that applications for research ethics clearance that require a decision or approval within the second semester have to be submitted to the University Research Ethics Office (UREO) by Friday, April 26, 2019. The UREO will continue to accept applications beyond this date, but without assurance of approval within the second semester. This will provide the University Research Ethics Committee (UREC) sufficient time to review and process all pending applications by the end of the second semester. This will also permit the UREC reviewers to attend to their teaching commitments as we approach the more hectic period of the Final exams and submission of grades.

We request faculty, especially thesis/dissertation advisers, to guide their students accordingly. Students expecting to graduate who require research ethics clearance should allot sufficient time for this process (a maximum of 6 weeks for an expedited review). Data collection can begin only after obtaining ethics clearance.

Thank you for your cooperation.