Peace, Justice, and Democratic Governance (Dr. Cristina J. Montiel:

The Peace, Justice and Democratic Governance cluster welcomes research work related to peace, social justice and democratic governance. We encourage multidisciplinary lenses that view social phenomena across micro, meso, and macro analytical levels. The following conceptual description of terms are meant to give cluster members a sense of our research scope.
Peace may be viewed as both negative and positive peace. Negative peace is about the prevention or mitigation of violent episodes, and the promotion of harmonious relations within and among persons and groups. Positive peace interfaces with the second concept in this research cluster, the area of social justice. Positive peace is aimed at the mitigation of structural violence or hierarchical power relations and the promotion of socially just relations among members of a society. 
Democratic governance involves human processes activated during state building. State building entails making the government’s executive, legislative and judiciary functions work to improve the everyday lives of ordinary people.

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