Minors program in Southeast Asian Studies to be offered

January 31, 2017


The Ateneo Initiative for Southeast Asian Studies is offering a minors program in Southeast Asian Studies aimed at students who want to enhance or complement their mastery of their disciplinary studies and/or pursue their research interests in the region.
It is designed as an interdisciplinary and intercultural program that aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the peoples, societies, cultures, politics, international relations, histories, economies, arts, literatures, and languages of Southeast Asia.
Students taking the minor program can choose to pursue a track in language and literature or in history and culture, or in politics and economics, or any combination of these. The Minor in Southeast Asian Studies is awarded upon the satisfactory completion of nine (9) units of required courses and six (6) units of elective courses. 
The Minor in Southeast Asian Studies recognizes the increasing strategic importance of Southeast Asia as a region and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in both regional and global affairs.  As an interdisciplinary and intercultural program, it seeks to develop among students a critical and analytical understanding of Southeast Asia and to integrate Southeast Asian studies into their fields of study and professional life.
The Minor in Southeast Asian Studies also seeks to contribute to Ateneo de Manila University’s goals in promoting programs that are responsive to Philippine, global and Asian realities and in providing an education that is not only transformative and globally competitive but also Asian in perspective. 

Required Courses (nine units)
The required courses provide an interdisciplinal introduction to the politics, histories, cultures, peoples, and societies of Southeast Asia. 
HI 151 History of Southeast Asia
POS 197.5 Politics and Governance in Southeast Asia
SA 141 Peoples and Cultures of Southeast Asia
Elective Courses (six units)
The elective courses aim to broaden and deepen students’ knowledge and understanding of Southeast Asia in a wide range of topics and issues. Students can take:
Option One: 6 units of coursework from a wide range of courses offered by the School of
                      Social Sciences and the School of Humanities
Option Two: 3 units of coursework and 3 units of Philippines-ASEAN Summer Internship
Option Three: 6 units of Southeast Asia Field Study Abroad
Southeast Asian Studies Electives Offered by the Schools of Social Sciences and Humanities
Students can choose their electives from the three Minor Tracks, namely, Language and Literature, Culture and History, and Politics and Economics with courses offered by the various departments and programs in the School of the Social Sciences and the School of Humanities.  Southeast Asian Studies related courses that are not on the list can be allowed upon the approval of the Director of the Ateneo Initiative for Southeast Asian Studies.
Politics and Economics Track
EC 185.50     Special Topics in Economics: Comparative Economic Development in Southeast Asia
                      and East Asia
EU 191.3      Special Topics in European Law:EU-ASEAN Human Rights
DS 185.1      Special Topics in Geography and Development: Radical  Geography and the Future of
                     Development in SEA
JSP 175        Japan and ASEAN
POS 130.7    Special Topics in International Relations: Theories &
                     Issues  of Human Security in East and Southeast Asia
POS 131.4   The State & Economic Development in East and SEAsia
POS 133.3   Southeast Asia International Relations
POS 133.5   Regional Systems on Human Rights in Europe and ASEAN
POS 133.6   Korea-ASEAN Relations
POS 190.1   Special Topics in Comparative Politics: Constructing Nationhood in Southeast Asia
POS 191.2   Decentralization in Southeast Asia
POS 197.4   Introduction to ASEAN
SA 176        Sociological Perspectives on Politics in Southeast Asia
History and Culture Track
FA 167.8    Art History: Development of Architecture in Southeast Asia
HI 16.10     Mainland Southeast Asia
HI 16.11     Island Southeast Asia
HI 151.1     History of Southeast Asia: Constructing Nationhood in Southeast Asia
HI 164.1     Special Topics in SEAsian History: Environmental Practice and History
HI 164.2     Special Topics in SEAsian History:  SEAsia and Europe
HI 164.3     Special Topics in SEAsian History: Memory/ies, Identity/ies and Tragedy/ies
IS 121.16    Asian Music
IS 124.6     Architecture and Painting: Introduction to Asian Vernacular Architecture and Art Forms
IS 131.4      Area Studies: History and Environmental Practice in Southeast Asia
SA 156       Ethnicity, Class, and Gender in East and Southeast Asia
SA 158       Maritime anthropologies and histories in Southeast  Asia with special reference on the
SA163        Muslim Societies in Asia
Language and Literature Track
Fil 117       The Literature of Southeast Asia or Panitikan ng Timog Silangang Asya)
FLC 1BH   Basic Bahasa Indonesian 1 Language and Culture
FLC 2BH   Basic Bahasa Indonesian 2 Language and Culture
Summer Elective Jointly Supervised by the Departments of Political Science and Sociology and Anthropology
SEAS 101 Southeast Asia In-Country Field Study
The course is an exposure to and immersion in the different culture and diverse local conditions of the host Southeast Asian country.  It includes cultural and language immersion, meetings with local residents, organizations as well as public officials, attendance in lectures and seminar workshops, and visits to heritage sites.
Summer Elective Supervised by the Department of Political Science
SEAS 102 Philippines-ASEAN Summer Internship
The course provides students with the opportunity to gain a first-hand impression of the day-to-day working environment of ASEAN-related institutions and offices in The Philippines.  It exposes the students to ASEAN-related work in any of the following areas: policy development, political cooperation, culture and information, functional cooperation, economic cooperation, and defense and security information.
Eligibility and Application
The Minor in Southeast Asian Studies is open to all undergraduate students at the Ateneo de Manila University, except those who are pursuing the A.B. Diplomacy and International Relations, with specialisation in East and Southeast Asian studies.
Interested students must submit a letter of application for the Minor in Southeast Asian Studies  Program noted/endorsed by their home department head or program director. They must also submit an official copy of their grades in the previous semesters.
Application letters and official copies of grades must be addressed to:
Diana J Mendoza, PhD
Ateneo Initiative for Southeast Asian Studies
Rm. 300, 3/F Ricardo & Dr Rosita Leong Hall
Ateneo de Manila University
Loyola Heights, Quezon City
For online submission of application letters and official copies of grades and/or for inquiries about the program, please send documents or inquiry to dmendoza@ateneo.edu or seasp.soss@ateneo.edu.