Bachelor of Arts, Major in Development Studies

Development Studies is a distinct field of multidisciplinary study, research and policy analysis directed at understanding the processes and imperatives of national, regional, community and global transformation. The degree program combines key insights from Economics, Political Science, Sociology and Management in order to develop, manage and evaluate approaches for institutionalizing sustainable improvements in people’s quality of life. While providing a broad multidisciplinary base, the program also requires students to specialize in one of the following fields: Development Management, Development Communications, Economics, Cultural Heritage, Environment and Development, Gender Studies, Health and Development, History, International Relations, Political Science, Public Management, Social Entrepreneurship or Sociology.
The degree program provides an excellent blend of theoretical and applied training. Development Studies students are trained to appreciate diverse perspectives, undertake development research, analyze development policies and manage development interventions. The program provides excellent preparation for careers in multilateral and bilateral development organizations, law and politics, Foreign Service, corporate foundations and non-government organizations, development communications and development research, and the executive and legislative branches of government. Students may also use their field of specialization as a springboard for graduate and professional studies.

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