Bachelor of Arts, Major in the Social Sciences

The Bachelor of Arts Program major in the Social Sciences* is a special program designed to meet the needs of students who are curious, critical, concerned, and practical.
Curious about himself or herself.  Wondering about human relationships and the forces that bind and dissolve whole communities and nations.  Curious about human origins and destinies, about language and communication.  Wondering why people and governments differ, and how they got to be that way.  Wondering what the present and the past can tell a man about the future, in the Philippines and elsewhere.
Critical about what he or she reads or hears or sees.  Careful to distinguish what is from what ought to be, and from what others say it is.  Aware of the rules of logic and method, yet honoring the gift of true insight as well.  Able to analyze and weigh the traditional values of one’s own and other cultures and to conclude with a deeper and more conscious respect for both.
Concerned about the Filipinos and all human beings, about this nation’s resources and the world’s.  Anxious to learn how to help solve or mitigate great problems such as social injustice, environmental pollution and destruction, overpopulation, and disease.  Moved by intelligent compassions for the masses.
Practical in preparing for jobs with people, about people.  Bringing to his or her job certain skills, a deep and broad understanding of the human condition.  Ready and eager for the in-service training that employers expect to impart.  Or well-prepared for further professional schooling.
For students who are curious, critical, concerned, and practical – and for those who accept this ideal as a worthy one for themselves, A.B. major in Social Sciences may be of service.  It is designed to inform the curious, lend rigor to the critical, guide the concerned, and prepare the practical.

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