Minor in Chinese Studies

Since the opening up of China to the outside world in 1979, China’s international presence has become very prominent. For the Philippines, centuries-old cultural, economic and political ties with China have increased many times over. This development has aroused much interest in learning about China. Knowledge of China—its history, culture, people and language, as well as its political and economic systems—will help the Philippines in strengthening its ties with China, a close neighbor fast becoming a superpower. The Minor in Chinese Studies offers students keys to the opportunities unleashed by China’s economic growth through instruction and courses on Chinese history, politics, economics, society, and culture. It opens graduates to wider options particularly in business, foreign service, and research.
Any Loyola Schools undergraduate may be granted a Minor in Chinese Studies upon completion of 15 units in the field of study, at least 12 units of which are outside the Loyola Schools core and required major subjects.

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