Africa & Carlos are IDeA 1 champs; Africa is best speaker of the finals & overall best speaker

November 19, 2018
ASHS Debate Organization and Varsity

CJ Carlos & David Africa (file photo) ASHS debaters David Africa (STEM/12-Xavier) & CJ Carlos (STEM/12-Sullivan) unanimously won the Interscholastic Debaters Association (IDeA) 1 championship held at Eugenio Lopez Jr. Center for Media Arts Senior High School, Quezon City, last November 3-4, 2018. Africa was also unanimously crowned as the Best Speaker of the Finals, and bagged Overall Best Speaker, a recognition he shares with fellow Atenean Kahee Dhakal (HUMSS/11-Mayer). On the other hand, Carlos was awarded 4th Best Speaker, tied with Kara Angan (HUMSS/11-Mayer). 7th Best Speaker was a six-way tie with Javy Pineda (GA/12-Grodecky), Gabe Apostol (GA/12-Evans), Bea Legaspi (GA/12-Evans), and Matthew Varona (HUMSS/12-Kibe)  claiming four of the medals.
Africa & Carlos bested teammates and finalists Legaspi & Matthew Mercado (ABM/12-Anchieta), a team from AJHS, and a team from Xavier School. The teams of Apostol & Dhakal, and Varona & Angan ended their outstanding run at semifinals. Finally, Pineda & Alaine Gosyco (ABM/12-Bobola) bowed out at pre-quarters after a strong run.

ASHS teams completed a contingent break, entering the finals series at 21st (Pineda & Gosyco), 6th (Varona & Angan), 5th (Apostol & Dhakal), 2nd (Legaspi & Mercado), and 1st (Carlos & Africa). 

The ASHS debaters extend their gratitude to IDeA Core and the Eugenio Lopez Debate Society Org Comm for the efficient run of the tournament.