Ang & Hubilla are Horizon Debate Cup Open Champs!

July 13, 2021
ASHS Debate Varsity

Comprised of Naomi Ang (11-Mayer in SY 2020-2021), David Bejarin (11-Goupil), and recent graduates Vince Hubilla (12-Pantalia) and Macha Cual (12-Gonzalez), the Ateneo de Manila Senior High School contingent performed superbly in the Horizon Debate Cup that was held online on May 8 - 9, 2021. Naomi Ang & Vince Hubilla emerged as the Cup’s Open Champions and were named its Top Open Breaking Team. Meanwhile, Macha Cual and her teammates ended their run as the competition’s Open Quarterfinalists and its 7th Open Breaking Team. The Ateneans also took home all the highest speaker awards: Naomi Ang was awarded as the Overall Best Open Speaker, Overall Best Novice Speaker and Open Finals Best Speaker- the best speaker in both tournament categories! Vince Hubilla was awarded as the 5th Best Open Speaker and 3rd Best Novice Speaker, ranking as one of the top speakers in both tournament categories as well. Aside from being part of the team that ended its run as Open Quarterfinalists and as the 7th Open Breaking Team, Macha was named as the Cup’s 8th Best Novice Speaker. As for judging, David Bejarin broke as an adjudicator and became the Open Quarterfinals Chair.

Organized by the Philippine Science High School-Main Campus (PSHS-MC) Debate Varsity, the Horizon Debate Cup allowed our debaters to compete against some of the best Filipino high school and college debaters in the Philippines. Even against better known and more experienced college debaters, our boys and girls emerged triumphant, winning all their rounds and winning the top speaker awards. It is an incredibly rare feat for a high school team to reach such heights of achievement in a college tournament.