ASHS ComElec declares failure of elections for GA strand Vice Chair

August 05, 2019
ASHS Commission on Elections

Last August 3, at 3:00 pm, the Ateneo Senior High School Commission on Elections published the results of the Strand Vice Chair Elections held last August 1, 2019 on its Facebook page.  Here are the winners for the position of strand Vice Chairperson for the ABM, HUMSS, and STEM strands:

In the same post, the ASHS ComElec declared “… a failure of elections for the GA strand as more than 50% from the strand chose to abstain,” adding that “ a special election will be held or a search committee will be formed right after the Midterms to determine the GA Strand Vice Chair.”

The post also expressed the ASHS ComElec’s “sincere gratitude to everyone who decided to #IgniteTheChange and took part in the Strand Vice Chair Elections.”