Ateneo SHS is NASHDC champion; Africa and Carlos are Best Speakers

September 14, 2018
David Africa

(L-R) Kara Angan, David Africa, CJ Carlos

Composed of Ateneo Senior High School debaters David Africa (12-Xavier), CJ Carlos (12-Sullivan), and Kara Angan (11-Mayer), ADMU-SHS A emerged as champion of the National Asians High School Debating Championship (NASHDC) on September 1, 2018. In addition, Carlos was also declared Best Speaker of the Finals, while Africa was named Overall Best Speaker of the Tournament. Carlos and Angan tied for 2nd Best Speaker of the tournament.

Hosted by De La Salle University-Manila's La Salle Debate Society from August 29 to September 1, the competition was done in the Asian Parliamentary format, where two teams of three battle per round to determine a winner. Each team in the competition went through seven tiring preliminary rounds to determine seeding for the elimination rounds on the last day. Three Ateneo teams advanced to the elimination rounds, with ADMU-SHS B reaching the quarterfinals, and ADMU-SHS C reaching the partial double quarterfinals.

Africa, Carlos, and Angan travelled a grueling path to reach the finals, first having to defeat the fifth seed, DLSU-SHS B in the quarterfinals, and then having to avenge ADMU-SHS B in the semifinals against the first seed, DLSU-SHS A.

In the finals, ADMU-SHS A debated the motion "This house would choose to not believe in God" on opposition side, having to defend the individual choice to believe in God in front of a panel of seven distinguished judges. The team was declared winner of the grand finals on a 6-1 split, convincing the entire panel except for one. CJ Carlos was also declared Best Speaker of the Finals on a 4-3 split. Africa was named Overall Best Speaker of the Tournament, with both Carlos and Angan tying for 2nd Best Speaker of the tournament.

The ASHS team composed of Carlo Pastor (12-Xavier), Matthew Varona (12-Kibe), and Javy Pineda (12-Grodecky) were ranked 9th in the open break and nearly advanced to the semifinals, narrowly losing out to
DLSU-SHS A, the top seed of the tournament, on a 2-1 split. Pastor was also ranked the tournament's 8th best speaker.

Another ASHS team composed of Marc Marquez (11-Realino), Kahee Dhakal (11-Mayer), and Alaine Gosyco (12-Bobola) ranked 7th in the open break, and advanced to the partial double quarterfinals of the tournament.

Two other ASHS teams, ADMU-SHS D composed of Lyrah Lapid (12-Kibe), Yuan Ordenes (12-Kibe), and Luis Amatong (11-Mayer) and ADMU-SHS E composed of Timothy Lee (11-Tsuji), CJ Rosales (11-San Vitores), and Enzo Castillon (12-Aquaviva) also participated in the tournament and performed admirably against the best teams in the country.

Adjudicating for the team was coach and co-moderator Mr. Antonio Miguel Ventura (4A2014), who was a fully subsidized adjudicator, and judged the partial double quarterfinals and novice semifinals of the tournament.

The debaters extend their gratitude to Mr. Ventura and org moderator Ms. Amyrrha Estolloso for accompanying them to the tournament. They also thank the ASHS administrators for continuing to support the debaters in their various competitions.