Brian Dela Cruz & Kelgie Ong ranked 10th in the world by HKIMO

October 09, 2020

Ateneo de Manila Senior High School mathletes Brian Dela Cruz (12-Navarro), Kelgie Ong (12-Pantalia), Marvin Tan (11-Perez), Marielle Llenado (12-Carvalho), and Ninna Rivera (12-Oldcorne) won awards for the Philippines in the 2020 Hong Kong International Mathematical Olympiad (HKIMO) Final Round. Brian and Kelgie both won the gold award and were both ranked 10th globally at the end of the competition. Marvin received the silver award and a global ranking of 26. Marielle bagged the bronze award and a global ranking of 50, while Ninna received the merit award and a global ranking of 81. Brian, Kelgie, Marvin, Marielle and Nina were among the 223 Filipino mathletes who finished the competition with 43 gold, 58 silver, 63 bronze, and 59 merit awards.

Per the Hong Kong International Mathematical Olympiad website, the HKIMO is an annual international Olympiad that aims to create a platform for all math enthusiasts around the world to come together for an educational and cultural exchange. The objectives of HKIMO are to foster students’ interest in Mathematical Olympiads and to promote Mathematical Olympiads all over the world. In 2020, HKIMO committee members invited 21 regions/countries such as Indonesia, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Myanmar, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines, India, Australia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, China, Iran, Sri Lanka, Laos and Dhaka Bangladesh to participate.

The HKIMO Final Round was held online on August 29, 2020. The awards ceremony premiered on YouTube on September 21, 2020.